No money for computers

No money for tablets. Read ebooks on home computers with Google Play Books.

Students don’t need tablets or the Internet to enjoy ebooks.

How can students read without tablets or the internet?

For years I resisted reading ebooks on a computer screen because of the glare on the screen, but the ebook experience with Google Play Books is acceptable. I love the large fonts and large pages in GPB. 

Google Play Books  works on Chromebooks, Android tablets, Windows computers and all Apple devices.

With ebooks your students can adjust the screens to use larger fonts, and  there is research which shows that  struggling readers prefer larger fonts.

Here is what a page in Google looks like from “Fire in the Flint” by Walter T. White.

If students only have Chromebooks at home, Google Play Books is the best option. If they have Windows or Apple computers at home, Calibre is a good choice with its sepia background.

Schools could give students who don’t have the Internet at home, memory sticks with a number of ebooks on them.

In the future, It  might be interesting to see if students preferred convertible or flip screen Chromebooks running Google apps to standard laptop Chromebooks.  The flip screen will provide a tablet experience which lets a student move the ebook to the same distance as a print book.