For years I resisted reading ebooks on a computer screen because of the glare on the screen. I found Calibre did a decent job of presenting ebook pages that looked like a real book in an attractive sepia background, but in Calibre 4.2 and above, there are too many steps needed to create good looking pages.

I recommend Google Play Books which you can find at

Google Play Books does not provide the sepia background I prefer on computers, but it does provide sepia on Android tablets and phones.

With the roll out of Chromebooks in many school districts and much more home ownership of laptops and desktop computers, it could be time for new reading experiences with Google Play Books. 

It also might be interesting to see if students preferred convertible Chromebooks running Google apps to standard laptop Chromebooks. With the screen detached from the keyboard, students could read just as they would with a tablet or ereader.

Finally, Your students might like an app such as f.lux to remove some of the blue light from their computer screens if they are reading in the evenings. I just installed f.lux in January, 2020 and it does seem to soften light and reduce glare.