For years I resisted reading ebooks on a computer screen because of the glare on the screen, but the ebook experience with Readium looks decent. You can download Readium here, and customize it with these instructions.

As you may know, Readium is an app and an extension which can be used with the Chrome browser. Readium provides the reader with a much larger page than any ereader or tablet. (And you will be able to  find it easily every day if you drag the icon to the taskbar on a Windows computer.)

When I changed the settings to a single page view, and made the background color sepia rather than white, it looked O.K. The softer background seemed to reduce the glare. Also, I love the large size of the default font. And a student could make the font even larger. There is research which shows that  struggling readers prefer larger fonts.

Here is what a page in Readium looks like:

The Readium app for Chrome

With the roll out of Chromebooks in many school districts and much more home ownership of laptops and desktop computers, it could be time for new reading experiences with Readium. When I tested Readium on a 14″ laptop, the display was similar to the image above after I went to the Settings feature and increased the size of the font.

It also might be interesting to see if students preferred convertible Chromebooks running Google apps to standard laptop Chromebooks. With the screen detached from the keyboard, students could read just as they would with a tablet or ereader.