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Runaway Russia: An American Woman Reports on the Russian Revolution

A “Gripping Account” —The Wall Street Journal Florence Harper was the first American female journalist in Petrograd. Sure that trouble was coming, she waited “as I would for a circus parade.” From the women’s bread protests of the heady first days when the mob seemed “good-natured” to the later horror of the “Marseillaise”-singing crowds being […]

From a Pulitzer-Prize Winning War Correspondent with Maps and a Study Guide

Read about the first year of the Korean War in “War in Korea: The Report of a Woman Combat Correspondent.”  The author, Marguerite Higgins, was the first woman to win a Pulitzer for international reporting. The book is about the battles at the start of the war as the armies moved up and down the […]

Why Does the Volume of Reading Matter?

See how the volume of reading influences reading comprehension. Could the volume of reading matter more than intelligence in reading comprehension? What did Anne S. Cunningham and Keith Stanovich discover in their research? https://www.aft.org/sites/default/files/periodicals/cunningham.pdf What are the barriers to more reading which Cunningham and Stanovich advocate? How do literacy practices influence the achievement gap in […]


Samples of all of our titles are available on Amazon so that you and your faculty, and students can see if the narratives are engaging. The ebooks are a combination of young adult and regular trade biographies. These books were not published in the last couple of years. Typically, they are trade biographies or young […]

Free ebook: Death is Incidental, A Story of Revolution in Mexico by Heath Bowman and Stirling Dickinson

The writer, Heath Bowman, does not slow down to spell out the details of the two revolutions in this story. So the preface and introduction which add  some details about the settings which may be useful to you. People have died to own land for generations around the world. Bowman asks us when these deaths […]

Free: Revolts, Resistance and Emancipation by Dorothy Sterling. Grade Level is 9.1

Here is the story of the slavery issue from the first slave traders through the African-American part in early American history and the Civil War, and the events and people who played a part in the history-making document, the Emancipation Proclamation. Read about Gabriel Prosser and Nat Turner who led revolts, and the settlements of […]