Image of Geronimo

Geronimo by Jim Kjelgaard

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From reviewers on Goodreads:

A very interesting story. It gave a lot more understanding of Geronimo and the Apaches.


Hurrah for a truly engaging biography that doesn’t hide its subject’s faults, doesn’t engage in hagiography, but DOES present its subject in heroic terms. That’s a hard balance to find, but Kjelgaard did.

His writing is also that perfect blend of vivid storytelling with accurate information on culture and history. AND, even better, there’s plenty of white space; the pacing in the book is a good fit for upper elementary/middle grades readers who aren’t advanced readers (but even advanced readers would enjoy this story). It’s a good introduction to the racial tensions in the 19th century that weren’t slavery related.

I wish this book was easier to find!

Very good primer on Geronimo, one of the last Apache war chiefs. A story of the last days of the free Apache tribes.