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Our goal is to increase print exposure for high school students so that they will be better prepared for college and the workplace. Textbooks are not enough. Students need interesting reading experiences at a variety of grade levels that textbooks are not providing.

With your donation to our 501c.3, which is tax deductible, you help us produce and market more ebooks for high school students.

Convince your staff that the volume of reading matters.

Ask teachers if print exposure can make students smarter. Consider the ideas of Keith Stanovich at

If they agree with Stanovich, where will more print exposure come from? Will students reading below grade level enjoy World History textbook paragraphs about people of the river in Mesopotamia, or do they need something more engaging?

Share the work of Anne Cunningham and Keith Stanovich with them which shows how the volume of reading influences reading comprehension.

Kindles in Schools

Kindles go to Canton-McKinley High School in Ohio.

The Kindle initiative at Clearwater High School in Florida which started in 2010.

The Bring Your Technology program at Clearwater High School.

The contract with parents used at Clearwater to encourage the return of the Kindles in good condition at the end of the year.

Top 8 Tips for Using Kindle Readers in the Classroom.