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More about John Brown

More from the Washington Post: His Truth Goes Marching On By Jonathan Yardley January 28, 1973 “HERE IS A book of surprising breadth, insight, compassion and historical vision—the first of what is to be a two-volume study of John Brown and his times. It recreates the whole fabric of our period of greatest national crisis, […]

Using Free Ebooks Efficiently-Part 1

Can all of your students read the history textbook which you are about to hand out? When I taught in the Cleveland Public Schools fifty years or so ago, this was a major problem. The only advice I received about students and reading was “Don’t call on anyone to read out loud. You don’t want […]

Promote Summer Reading with Free Ebooks

What are the best strategies to encourage summer reading? A gold star for each book read beside my name on the library wall worked for me one summer a long time ago. But mailing out gold stars this summer could get expensive, and the thrill of seeing your name on the wall in the library […]

Can Electives Build Readers?

Background I love electives. They kept me in teaching. For many years in a community college, I taught books like Parallel Time, Walking with the Wind-A Memoir of the Movement, A Hope in the Unseen-An American Odyssey from the Inner City to the Ivy League, Dead Man Walking, etc. as part of ENG 101 classes. […]

He Wouldn’t Be King: The Story of Simon Bolivar by Nina Brown Baker

Download an epub file for your Android or Apple device: Download a mobi file for your Amazon device: Reviews: “A finely proportioned narrative.” The New York Times “Worth its weight in gold. A warm dramatic story of a man whose career was one of the most astonishing and colorful the world has known.” Parents Magazine […]

Thurgood Marshall: From His Early Years to Brown by Michael D. Davis and Hunter R. Clark

Download in epub format: Download in mobi format for Amazon devices: Editorial reviews: “Michael Davis and Hunter Clark have crafted a thoughtful, carefully researched and focused biography.” —USA Today “Well-written, informative and lively.” —People “Michael D. Davis and Hunter R. Clark offer a masterfully written tale of an American legend.” — Gannett News Service “Filled […]

Thurgood Marshall: His Triumph in Brown, His Years on the Supreme Court

Download in epub format for Android and Apple devices: Download in mobi for Amazon devices:   Editorial Reviews: “Michael Davis and Hunter Clark have crafted a thoughtful, carefully researched and focused biography.” —USA Today “I highly recommend Thurgood Marshall by Mike Davis and Hunter Clark. This impressive book captures the sweeping drama and courageous struggles […]

Sea and Earth: The Life of Rachel Carson

Download in epub format for Chromebooks, and Apple devices: Download for Kindle Fires or other Amazon devices: This is the story of the most important science writer of the 20th century. With “Silent Spring” Rachel Carson shocked Americans into reevaluating the man-made chemicals that have polluted our whole environment. Carson “jolted the entire country into […]