Ebooks Disappeared….

I just downloaded an ebook in the Kindle or mobi format onto my favorite device, an 8″ Fire tablet.

It was so easy. Click on the download button for the mobi file on the Ebooks for Students web site, and then open the file.

But where did the ebook go after I closed it? I can’t reopen it and continue reading if I can’t find it. I couldn’t find it in the Documents folder on the Fire tablet. I looked all over the Fire tabs. It did not appear in Home, or For You.

The trick was to look for it through a file manager such as ES File Explorer.

So I dragged the ES File Explorer app to the top of my screen of icons in the Home tab on my Fire tablet, and now I am ready to reopen all the ebooks I have downloaded. (The ebooks I downloaded today appeared both in a list of recent downloads, and also in Internal Storage, and then the Download folder in the ES File Manager.)

You will want to advise students to download ES File Explorer from the Kindle Appstore before they download ebooks from free web sites such as Gutenberg or Ebooks or other free sites. With ES File Explorer, they will be able to see what they have downloaded on their tablets. I love my Fire tablet. I think that it is one of the best values out there, but it needs a Downloads folder so that a separate app will not be needed to see downloads.

The same idea applies to Android devices. We recommend installing a strong ereader app such as Moon Reader, or Moon Reader Pro before downloading epub files.

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