The Penicillin Man: The Story of Alexander Fleming by John Rowland

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“This book is more than the story of a great discovery. It is an inspiring account of the rewards, both in fame and personal satisfaction, that a scientific career offers.”—New York Times.

“A readable story about a great personality.”—Virginia Kirkus.

“From Scottish farm boy to Nobel Prize winner, this book traces the events that led a brilliant mind to a new concept in the treatment of disease: the body has natural defenses against disease that must be discovered and enhanced. Teenagers who have grown up in the security of antibiotics will gain a perspective on medicine’s swift progress in the few years since Fleming discovered the bacteria-killing mold “—Scholastic Teacher.


One morning in September 1928 a scientist at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, noticed that an experiment he was working on had been ruined by an accident. Some bacteria he was studying had been damaged by a colony of mould spores.

The scientist was Alexander Fleming. The mould contained the substance from which the drug penicillin is made. The accident led to one of the greatest medical discoveries of modern times. It cost Fleming and the scientists who followed up his discovery many years of labor ; but the result was a life-saving substance which even cautious scientists called a miracle.

This is the story of how the miracle worked, and of the man who made it possible.

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